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ORGC Scorecard Yardages

1. To avoid fairway bunkers, play down the left side for a short approach shot. Two putts make for an excellent par.


2. A long, slight dogleg right par 4, fairway bunkers in the landing area can grab the off line tee shot. A big green offers a nice target for the approach shot.


3. A long narrow par 3 surrounded by trees. A straight tee shot with a long iron is mandatory on this hole.


4. Not a driver here. 3 wood or long iron is the call on this tee for a middle to short iron approach over water to a shallow green surrounded by sand.


5. Fantastic par 5. Starting with a demanding tee shot down the right side to avoid a tall tree in the rough. For the long hitter a chance to hit the green in two, but a three shot hole for most players.


6. Play tee shot at the cluster of trees on the other side of the pond. Be aware of water pinching in the front of the green.


7. Play the tee shot over the mound on the left. Back left pin placement should be played to the center of the green for 2 putts and a par. Check pin placement on #8.


8. An accurate long iron is required on this long par 3. The very undulating green can leave you a tricky putt.


9. The tee shot on this 3 shot hole must carry the swale that crosses in front of the fairway and runs parallel to fairway along right side. Aim tee shot at directional pole to leave a mid length approach. Avoid hidden pond in front of green. Hit proper level of this severe two tiered green and you may conquer this most difficult hole with a birdie.


10. Premium is placed on the tee shot on this short but demanding hole. Be sure to hit enough club to not only carry the 2nd ditch, but to get to the corner of the dogleg.


11. Accuracy off the tee is again important on this sharp dogleg right. Hit the tee shot far enough to give you a shot at the green. Do not attempt to cut the corner.


12. A small mound in front somewhat divides the green, so play your tee shot to the proper side. Avoid being long on this hole.


13. The tee shot on this hole must avoid going left. Check pin placement carefully and have your approach shot be the correct distance on the very undulating green.


14. Don’t be deceived by this short par 3. Club selection is premium to avoid the front and back bunkers. Be careful putting on this tricky three level green.


15. Your choice, attack the hole or play it conservative. Whichever you choose, avoid the trees. This hole is reachable in two and is not nearly as long as it looks from the tee.


16. Find the fairway on this short and slightly dogleg right par 4 regardless of your club selection off the tee. Aim tee shot at left greenside bunker and be rewarded with an easy pitch shot and a great birdie opportunity.


17. Finally out of the woods, let-r-rip on this short par 5. Keep second shot left and avoid fairway bunker. Generous landing areas on both tee shot and second shot.


18. Play tee shot to the right side of the fairway to avoid the pond on the left that sneaks out into the fairway.

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ORGC Scorecard Yardages